She Could Be Artwork

Nicky D’s “She Could Be” + “One Thing” Tried By 12 Freestyle

A few months ago, I heard this track from a cat by the name of Nicky D’s. Being a fan of the boom bap era, I was surprised and amazed on how this 19 year old can flow like it was 1996 inside a cypher. Nicky D’s together with producer Rick Hughes are puttin out some of the best hiphop tracks out there.

One night was spinning at a club and they stopped by and said what up. I dropped this track (“She Could Be”) and the crowd went bonkers! Hiphop is very much alive with Nicky D’s and Rick Hughes. The music sounds like a cross between a Diamond D and Erick Sermon and the lyrical delivery sounds like a hybrid of Big L and Mos Def.

If you love hiphop, you need these in your library.

(1) Nicky D’s “She Could Be”

Very dope track that contains a sample from Pharcyde. Prod by Rich Hughes.

(clean, dirty, clean dj intro, dirty dj intro, instrumental)


(2) Nicky D’s “One Thing”

Freestyle over East Flatbush Project. I resequenced the track and added extra percs. Check out the lyrical deliveries and metaphors. Boom bap slapper.

(clean and dirty)


@nickydsss SHE COULD BE + #triedby12 FREESTYLE #newmusic #newhiphop @RICK_HUGHES