My Feedback on the Rane Twelves (Rane 12s)

April 4, 2019 Facebook

Got the new version of the Rane Twelves yesterday. This is the feedback I sent Official Rane DJ.

1. LOVE the thinner weight control vinyl feel and the line grooves.

2. LOVE the super quick non-allen wrench installation of the platter. The allen wrench was kinda of a pain since the angle was really limited considering the radius of your turn when you use the short end of it.

3. Recessed connections are dope. I like it being out of sight. Works well on flight cases as you don’t need to take it out. My only not so good comment about this is that the power on/off switch is underneath the unit. OK for mobile set ups but not for studio use. I’ll need to lift the unit to turn off — but not too bad of a workflow. Prob not too good for venue with permanent installs — unless it’s OK to just leave them on 24/7?

January 12, 2019 Facebook

So its been a solid 5 months of consistent giggin w the new Rane Twelves. There is still a a slight lag on slower scratches but I can confidently say that the mixing part of it is def like a turntable. The pitch adjustment, the control of the platter, the tension sliding of the pitch control, the range (I use +/-16 on Reloop RP8000s and Technics 1210s). I do not miss the needle and CV cleaning and I love that it fits right into my TT flight cases w some room on top for the AC and USB cables.

TTs are still my weapons of choice for labwork and studio mixing but these Twelves are legit on the road.

This has been a DJ public service announcement. 🔊 Official Rane DJ


2 Rane Twelves plugged into non-powered USB hub to Macbook Pro (no touch strip). MBP is only for gigs. No other apps are installed. Plugged into a Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer. Mixer is plugged in directly to MBP.