I was excited when I found out LaToiya was down to do this remix for me. I explained the concept and she was down to knock it out. I co-wrote the lyrics on this remix. My plan was to flip the words from a woman’s point of view but not flip it too much that there would be no familiarity.

So here’s the final project. I’m looking forward to more projects with LaToiya. Download the DJ pack below.

  1. Suit and Tie Remix Clean DJ Intro
  2. Suit and Tie Remix Dirty DJ Intro
  3. Suit and Tie Remix Scratch In Clean
  4. Suit and Tie Remix Scratch In Dirty

Get all versions here including her new single “Cant Leave You Alone”


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If you don’t know how LaToiya Williams is, let me explain… She was on the Doggy Style All-Stars album. She did the track “Fallen Star”. Super dope RNB cut.

She also was the vocal hook behind Warren G’s “Lookin at You”. Produced by Dr. Dre. Another classic not only for the west coast but for the RNB world.


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She also did the hook for Kurupt’s “Welcome Home”.

Another hook appearance for Warren G’s tribute to Nate Dogg.