My Feedback / Thoughts on the Rane Seventy

In no particular order. Date written: April 27, 2020.

Sound Quality

The arrows are pointing to the mixing transitions where the overall levels are at its highest. There is a noticeable visual increase compared to the S9.

Sound quality is solid and strong – I actually had to turn down my audio interface levels a few DBs to get the right amount into my recording machine. Seems like Rane handles their levels more precisely than the S9. See attached.

I spoke to Rane about their auto peak hold function. I asked if there was a setting to turn that off because I try to set my levels before mixing a song so the levels sound consistent during transitions. It takes a few more seconds to adjust my gains when auto peak hold is engaged. I typically mix in and out of songs within 2 minutes so setting the levels right quickly is necessary. Currently, Rane does not have a setting to turn that off.

However, I found a workaround for this. There is no auto peak hold on the red LEDs (just the greens) so I used that as my max setting which meant I had to turn my gains down on my interface. I ran a few recording tests and it’s working good so far.

Mag 4 Crossfaders

I’m not much of a turntablist but I do involve cuts in my mixshows and production. I do notice that there’s a sharper cut with the Mag 4 fader. The range of tension is much wider than the S9 which means more customizable but more difficult to tune as there’s no unit to measure.


I’m digging the effects and the different combos you can create. I use more of the on-board Flex effects vs. the Serato effects.

Independent Effects Depth Controls

I’m still getting used to this. With the S9, I only had to engage 1 effect control. I had a 57 a while back and I wasn’t a fan of the toggle control because it’s small and it toggles to different directions (north, south, east and west).

An echo tail example: It feels more natural for me to trigger the echo tail from 1 beat to 0.5 beat by pushing a button vs. triggering a toggle switch down.

Instant Doubles Buttons

Super dope! I like how it’s close to the up and down faders.

LED Meter / Levels Location

My hand gets in the way from seeing the meters when I’m adjusting the gains. Seems like the meters work well placed in between the up and down faders so they’re out of the way. See image above — it’s a direct photo from my point of view while adjusting the gains.

I wouldn’t mind of the meters sat right under the instant doubles buttons.


Decksaver for the Rane Seventy-Two fits like a glove.

Lab Mixer

This is my lab mixer so I haven’t taken it out for an actual gig. I haven’t tested the mic either. My focus was to address my immediate needs for mixshows. I’ll make notes as I go along.

Update – June 10 2020

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been rocking the 70. I got used to the levels, the LED meters, the effects toggles and the effects triggers. I’m not a fulltime turntablist but I do cut here and there but the Mag4 faders make my cuts sound sharper and crispier. I made a few IG videos here.

I’m definitely sold on this mixer. I ordered a 2nd unit 2 weeks ago but they’re on backorder until mid July 2020.

And to answer the question, 70 or S9… my choice is the Rane Seventy (at least for now).