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What is a DJ pack or DJ service pack?

How do you create a DJ pack? What’s in a DJ pack? What’s the benefit of a DJ pack. Why is a DJ pack important? How much does a DJ pack cost?

These are common questions and I have answers backed by over 20 years of DJing and artist development.

DJ packs are what DJs need to efficiently play your music and get it in their programming mix. DJs are the building blocks of getting your music heard and played on the radio, at the clubs, and streaming shows.

Dealing with many artists, I come across this question a lot. A DJ pack or DJ service pack is not familiar to some artists. Let me break it down.

A DJ pack is a collection of tracks for a specific single or release. DJ packs are essential for DJs as it allows DJs to get your¬†track in the mix much more smoothly and seamlessly. New songs usually get tested in mixshows first before they are added on normal radio rotation. So, taking care of DJs is good practice — whether it’s providing us the edits we need or recording custom drops.

Fact: A track is more likely to be played by DJs if there is a DJ intro version available. This is typical DJ protocol since the early 90s.

A DJ pack consists of the following.

  1. Clean version (radio edit) — Safe to play in front of kids, high school dances, corporate events, weddings, etc.
  2. Dirty version (club edit) — Explicit version — What you really wanted to say
  3. Clean version with DJ intro — Contains a 4 bar intro with kick and snare with minimal instrumentation for DJs to mix in and out of their sets.
  4. Dirty version with DJ intro —¬†Contains a 4 bar intro with kick and snare with minimal instrumentation for DJs to mix in and out of their sets.
  5. Instrumental — optional but always suggested.
  6. Acapella — optional but recommended for the more creative DJs to play around with. An example is an on-the-fly mash up with another beat to get your song in the mix for a transition or blend.

If you’re not familiar with DJ intros or you need a DJ pack made for your project, my team can help.

Rates start at $75 per project and there no refunds once services have been provided.

Note: A DJ pack does NOT guarantee you radio play but it does give the DJ what they need to promote, play and pitch your record to the powers that be.

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