Getting Started with a DJ Pack (The definition of a DJ Pack)

Give DJs What They Need. Give them DJ packs.

Thank you for your interest in creating a DJ pack and realizing that giving the DJs what they need is a few steps closer to getting your music out — and every step helps. DJs are the building blocks of getting your music heard and played on the radio, at the clubs, and streaming shows.

This is what we need to create a DJ pack for one single track:

  1. Clean radio edit – Think about playing this song at a high school event. We suggest a curse-free version. No “ass” and other “borderline” words.
  2. Dirty club version – This is the version what you really want to say. This is for the clubs and mixtapes.
  3. Instrumental – Full version of the track without vocals and/or adlibs.

If you dont have #3 (instrumental), there might be a way to still produce a DJ pack. You’ll need to send us the track for evaluation. Do NOT email tracks over — it will be rejected. Use or to send your track.

It’s important to have a clean version if you want your track to be considered for radio play. If you dont have a clean version, there is a possibility to clean up the dirty version but it would depend on the content. This would have to be handled on a case per case basis. Converting a track from dirty to clean would require some work. The instrumental version would help if it’s available. Rates start at $150 per track to clean a track.

Please send artist name and track title. This is what we’ll use to label the track.

The cost to produce a DJ pack is $75 per track (non-refundable).

What we will deliver:

  • A zip file ready for you to blast to DJs, web bloggers, and tastemakers which contains:
    • Clean version
    • DJ intro clean version
    • Dirty version
    • DJ intro dirty version
    • Instrumental (if available)

All versions are quality-checked by bitrate, compression, levels, etc. They will be tagged correctly for DJs (BPM, cue points and key melody). You will receive a download link for your DJ pack which will be available for you to download for 7 days. Storage and distribution of the DJ pack is your responsibility once your DJ pack is complete.

Turnaround time for a DJ pack is 3 business days once we receive ALL the required tracks.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Note: A DJ pack does NOT guarantee you radio play but it does give the DJ what they need to promote, play and pitch your record to the powers that be.

Again, there are no refunds for DJ packs as the services have been rendered.┬áIf you’re interested in moving forward, payment is required to start the process. Here’s the link to send the payment. By submitting payment, you agree to the terms and conditions.